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    KAZA HELLAS S.A. is a strong technical and commercial Company founded in 1976.

    The basic principle of our company is the quality application of integrated solutions for every space. Glass opening and sliding doors, glass balustrades, shower and bathtub enclosures, automatic doors and glass partitions are part of our wide range of products which are available in many finishes.

    Thanks to the many years of experience of its specialized human resources, the company can cope with any challenge of the modern market. The main construction materials are stainless steel, brass and aluminum. Our company is one of the largest importing companies of manufactured stainless steel glass support products in Greece.

    A large amount of its products are imported from European countries such as Italy, Germany and Spain as well as from Asian countries. Kaza Hellas is one of the largest supply companies in the domestic market with established partnerships over a number of years. As part of the excellent cooperation with the most specialized professionals in the field of crystal, the company undertakes the implementation of large construction projects throughout the country.

    The company, setting as its main goal the research and acquisition of new competitive products and glass support systems, ensures the best aesthetic and qualitative result in every project.

    Corporate social responsibility

    In the context of Corporate Social Responsibility, Kaza Hellas S.A. focuses on protecting the environment by actively participating in the PHOTOCYCLE and Recycling of Portable Electric Columns (AFIS).

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