Ζητήστε τηλεφωνική επικοινωνία

    Παρακαλώ συμπληρώστε την παρακάτω φόρμα και θα επικοινωνήσουμε μαζί σας το συντομότερο δυνατόν. [Δευτέρα με Παρασκευή 08:00 - 16:00]

    Shipping and payment methods

    Alpha Cards
    • Payment by card
      through credit, debit and prepaid cards of Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, American Express, Diners, Discover.
      using the Masterpass e-wallet.
    • Deposit at a partner bank

    Below you will find the accounts of all cooperating banks, so you can choose the one that serves you. In the justification of your deposit you must mention your Order Number, so that we can easily locate your deposit and confirm

    your order. (* Deposit costs are borne exclusively by the customer)

    Εθνική Τράπεζα IBAN:GR39 0110 1840 0000 1844 7006 943
    Alpha Bank IBAN:GR83 0140 3460 3460 0200 2005 600
    Eurobank IBAN:GR90 0260 0330 0002 8020 1000 192
    Piraeus IBAN:GR28 0172 0380 0050 3808 5741 298

    There is no need to send email with the proof of payment as long as you state your order number in the reason for the deposit.
    The execution and delivery of your order depends on the date of your transaction confirmation.

    Attention: If we do not receive your payment together with the reason for the order within 2 working days, your order is automatically canceled and you will receive an email accordingly.

    Shipping methods


    • Pickup from our headquarters (Raftopoulou 19, Neos Kosmos)
    • Shipping by courier
    • Shipping free by Kaza Hellas truck (delivery on truck)


    • Pickup from our headquarters (Raftopoulou 19, Neos Kosmos)
    • Shipping by courier
    • Free delivery to the agency of your choice

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